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About John Elston

John Elston’s career started in the hospitality sector, where he worked his way up from bellman to partner in one of the country’s largest hotel companies. He continued to operate hotels and resorts around the world until 2010, when he launched his start-up, a successful digital marketing agency.

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It’s time to rethink hiring practices and examine a revolution that allows professionals to live and work remotely around the world, trading cubicles for experiences that leave them stimulated as employees and as people.

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Editorial Reviews

John’s captivating storytelling combined with his desire to share the benefits of leveraging the talent-packed, location-independent workforce make him the ideal spokesperson for the Remote Revolution.

Greg CaplanFounder/CEO, Remote Year

Having run businesses with a fully global footprint for the best part of two decades, I had the privilege of observing the Remote Revolution unfold before it became a ‘thing.’ We have the great privilege of living in a truly flat world today, with the internet connecting us to incredible opportunities - and with great cost saving - at the tip of our fingers. Talent is now truly global. We can safely scout services from the comfort of our armchair. We can all be digital nomads! This book is a great read for anyone wanting to learn more about this powerful trend.

Stephen Vasconcellos-SharpeConvener of Reboot the Future, Publisher of SALT

It’s about time someone highlighted insights and benefits of harnessing the power of workforce mobility. John’s book is a timely contribution in an era when many employers are wondering how to best capitalize on the capacities of a changing talent pool. As an executive utilizing a mobile workforce for more than a decade, I know the future of work is real and know that those who adapt recruitment and retention practices accordingly will outpace those who don’t.

Laura CottonPublic Relations and Image Development Maven, Pearl Strategies

As our diverse group of companies expands, we are yearning for upwardly mobile talent to share our vision with and take our business to the next level. Without remote workers and the ability for talented hires to move about our organization, we would not be able to keep up with the demands of our clients and load, John’s insight into how to achieve this is invaluable.

Rene SeepersadsinghDirector, The Singh’s Group

In The Remote Revolution, John details how he embedded himself in one of the world’s strongest remote communities. His experiences prove that remote working is a strategic weapon for smart companies to innovate. Today’s experts are vast and wide and remote working with today’s technology allows the optimal information exchange setup for ideation and execution. ‘Clustering’ in the twenty-first century is not geographical anymore but rapidly becoming virtual.

Dr. Michael MeighuPrincipal Consultant, Paragon

In 2017, an attachment to a location, desk, or country seems a limiting affair for any creative being, especially to the entrepreneurial-minded. The Remote Revolution touches what is my modus operandi. Being location independent and living between the Caribbean, New York, London, and other cities for Sagaboi has opened up unprecedented opportunities, provided access to top talent, and unveiled inspiring and enriching experiences no singular location could offer.

Geoff K. CooperEditor, Sagaboi